LARGE, 8 BEDROOM VILLA, FOR SALE                            CAPITAL INVESTMENT                          with an ANNUAL RETURN.                          PRICE:- €399,999                                        

This writeup was used to attract clients to rent the villa for a holiday vacation.


VILLA PASA TIEMPO, which means 'passing time' is truely a magnificent holiday retreat, offering value for money. The whole accommodation has been built for the holiday maker who wants that little bit more, but at an affordable price.

Whilst this is a private villa you also have the backup of local people who are there for your assistance, should you have a problem, or need advice on the Villa.

When you make a booking with us, we are the owners, so there is no middle man. Any money paid, is directly to us, so there are no worries or concerns. Your holiday, once confirmed, is guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on ensuring, as far as is possible, that your holiday will be all that you expect and that your accommodation will be to the highest standards.

We pride ourselves on our high standards, so that is why we can be sure that it is kept to a 4* star accommodation level, that we ourselves would want and expect when on holiday.

Your accommodation is large and spacious, surfice to say that it sleeps 16 comfortably within the three floors.

The entrance courtyard leads down to a terrace area, 100sqm complete with sunbeds, table and chairs and an 8m x 4m Roman ended swimming pool, approximately 1.2m to 2m in depth.

The Pool and terraced area is fully tiled and is gated. Whilst me have made this area as safe as possible, children should not be left unattended in the pool/terrace area at any time.

We also request that sun creams are kept out of the pool as much as possible, so there is a shower for your use to assist. Excess creams in the pool can cause it to 'turn green' thus making it unpleasant to use.

The pool is maintained on a regular basis to keep it in tip top condition as much as possible.


Your Pool by Day & Night

Steps to the Terrace & Pool area
Relax & Enjoy
On your own or with friends on a balmy evening.
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